MT300N-V2 vs MV1000 as VPN Server

I am contemplating to purchase MT300N-V2 per @alzhao 's suggestion to meet my budget.
Trying to understand the differences between MT300N-V2 vs MV1000 as VPN Server as compare is not available in the site.

Budget wise I am happy with MT300N-V2. I have ISP providing about 100Mbps speed. What are the pro’s of MV-1000 which I should be aware of?

As a VPN server it’s not your server end DOWNLOAD speed that will be the constraining factor but your server end UPLOAD speed. What is your UPLOAD speed at the potential server end?


Ok, sorry, it’s a bit hard to explain. Since the UPLOAD of your ISP connection at the SERVER end is only 5Mbps, then the maximum DOWNLOAD you’ll get at your CLIENT end will be 5Mbps. The Mango does 45Mbps11Mbps (WG/OpenVPN) Therefore you won’t gain too much advantage using an MV1000 as your server from a bandwidth perspective.

If you said you had 100/100 then a mv1000 may be worth considering.

If you’ve got the Mango, I’d set it up and have a go and you can always upgrade later but at this time I’d say you don’t need to upgrade to the MV1000.

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