Mt300n v2 watchdog howto

is there any doc for the watchdog function on mt300n v2?
my router is not stable for unknown reasons.
I want to enable the watchdog and feed it cron.
so it can restart if my program not running correctly.

tried ‘opkg install watchdog’ with no success.
I can see a [watchdogd] process with ps.

seems here:

I’ll try to change it to manual mode.

Hi @galenzhao , there it does not seem to be a function of the Gl-iNet shell nor as the article states is it a function of the official OpenWrt shell (LuCI).

Have you tried editing the files that the article mentions?

I put core services (eg: dropbear, dnsmasq, cron, nginx, etc.) into monit rc files. Any .pid found in /var/run can be managed that way.

watchcat might be a viable option if you’re more focused on ensuring WAN/LAN connectivity. It’s also in the default GL feeds.

(Firmware(s) 4.4.6-release1, 4.37-release4)

tried and not working.
seems gl feed watchdog in kernel.

thanks for your info,
but I need a hw watchdog, cuz my situation is system-wide unstable.
cron isn’t working at that time.

From my bookmarks, untested/unconfirmed:

Focus of this article is using hardware watchdog on OpenWrt, and most embedded devices that OpenWrt uses have real hardware watchdog in their SoC.

it works.


and it must do once, echo 1 > /dev/watchdog
so the watchdog can start working

it didn’t work at first time I only changed the watchdog setting, and waited for a reset,
but echo something to watchdog then wait for 30s the device reset.

Good stuff. Feel free to mark ‘solution’ to let others know.