[MT300N-V2] Wireguard client connection drops

Hello there,

I do use the MT300N-V2 as a travel router for hotel wifis with a Wireguard connection to secure my traffic and devices. The MT300N is therefore connected to my own Wireguard server as a client. The connection is slow (max throughput of the MT300N is about 10-12Mbit/s) but generally works pretty well.

Unfortunately I always face the issue that the Wireguard connection drops after a few hours. No matter which wifi the router is connected to and no matter which wireguard server I am using. Also I do not see any pattern, there are also no entries occurring in logread when the connection drops.

The wireguard indicator changes to yellow in the router frontend and I have to cancel and start the connection manually again. It does not reconnect automatically.

wireguard-watchdog also doesn’t work for some reason. The last handshake is sometimes hours old but the watchdog does not see any issue with that.

I looked for solutions to manually restart the wireguard connection through cli (script) but it looks like gl-inet does unfortunately use a custom wireguard startup method which cannot be triggered through cli.

If I do - as a test - keep my macbook connected to the same wiregard server directly through the hotel wifi, the connection does not drop and keeps on running without any issue for hours until I stop the connection.

Does anyone have an idea what could go wrong? Or how I do get some log messages indicating why the connection drops? I do see absolutely nothing in logread when the connection drops.

Or does anyone know how to get the MT300N to reestablish the connection again? It does for sure notice that something is wrong (indicator changes to yellow) but does not re-initiate the connection automatically.

Many thanks,


Update: the router is running the latest firmware 3.212