MT300N-V2 Wireless troubles

Hey guys, I just got my MT300N-V2 delivered today, going to be using it at work, for LAN to WiFi, maybe 3 mobile devices connected but I’m having trouble even connecting 1 with Wireless. I’ve managed to connect via cable, and get my VPN from PrivateInternetAccess working but using my mobile it tries to connect and then fails, or sometimes connects for a few seconds and then drops. Also does the same if I try Wireless with my laptop. Using original USB cable that came with it, tried the plug from my OnePlus 3 and from my Huawei P20 Pro then also tried in the USB port on the laptop itself as I read some posts about the power could be the issue but this didn’t make a difference.
I think it’s on the latest stable firmware that came on it.

What’s the question did you ask? Wireless issue or VPN issue?

The wireless, everything works fine via cable but I’m just having issues connecting or staying connected via wireless

Does it occur in all mobile phone?

Attempted on my Huawei P20 Pro and using my Laptop

Could you please got the kernel log in Luci? You can find it in Luci > Status > Kernel Log.

Okay, I’ll have to do it later as I’m about to finish work and then head home to bed, nightshifts are a killer. Thanks for the quick replies and I’ll get the logs up as soon as I can :+1:

okay, you can send it to me when you are free. I will check it.

Annoyingly, I just got up and tried it at home and it seemed to work straight away :confused: I will take another try at work later and let you know :+1: