MT300N-V2 with Huawei 4G Usb stick

I’m trying to connect a Huawai MS2372 LTE USB Stick on a MT300N-V2.
It detects the usb stick but didn’t find the 4G signal or sync with.

Is this usb compatible ? Or i missed something ?
Thx for your answers !


Does this Modem has Hilink mode? If yes pls change to hilink.

Huawei modem has their own protocol called ncm. Can you pls try to see if you can use this guide [OpenWrt Wiki] Use NCM USB Dongle for WAN connection

you need to install ncm protocl.

Are you using the correct APN?
Online I see that the APN is
You have placed an additional point between mms and bouygtel.

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile: I correct the APN but the connection doesn’t work yet. I ordered an another 4G Stick (Huawei 3372) and i’ll tell you if it is ok.
Have a good day!