MT300N-V2 with Huawei e3372h-320 with last firmware available - problem

I purchased a new MT300N-V2 and updated the firmware to release 3.216
I logged in to the router and inserted the Huawei modem e3372 modem but no modem is recognized on the page

Despite this, the mode flashes, and then I think it connects because it goes from a flashing light to a steady blue light

Do you have any idea how I can solve this?
Without the modem the product is useless for the use I had planned to do
If I connect the modem directly to the USB port of a notebook it connects and works

Thank you

and I change lan address too but unfortunately don’t solve
Hope find a solution
Thanks to all

My understanding is that the Huawei E3372h-320 is in HiLink mode, hence the “h” in the model number (unless you switched it to Stick mode). It should show up as Tethering in the GL-MT300N-V2 router, not as Modem/Cellular.

By default, HiLink is IP address is, so you changed the router’s LAN IP subnet to a different subnet (not 192.168.8.x)?

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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Huawei offer connettivity on Ok and I confirm “h” equal HiLink mode

If I change router address to and I connect by smartphone to M300N-V2 by its WiFi service, I receive for DNS service
and for gateway on Smartphone

But for internet service, Huawei offer DNS and Gateway on

How can I interface Huawei with Router for offer local wifi with internet ?
I’d like evaluate to change modem usb
I search on GL.iNet but unfortunately I didn’t find compatibility matrix modem-pendrive usb
Can you please help me providinbg link about supported modem for GL.iNet M300N-V2 ?

thanks a lot
Flavio G

You have to change the entire router’s LAN IP subnet to be different from 192.168.8.x (e.g., change subnet to 192.168.18.x). It is not enough to change only the router’s LAN IP address on the same subnet.

The WAN and LAN must be on different subnets (e.g, 192.168.8.x for WAN and 192.168.18.x for LAN).

Thanks a lot!

After simply change lan address of router every thing was ok! (with tethering on of course)
Thanks lot for support