MT300N vs MT300A vs AR300M - VPN Speed Comparison

At the moment on a 50mbps connection (Around 30 on GLI), I’m getting speeds of 7 down on MT300N and around 10 down on 300A.

Can anyone tell me their experience of how this compares with the ARM300M?

I’ve yet to order this device but would be very interested if there is considerably better VPN performance.

Update: This is based on a wired WAN connection broadcasting over WiFI (testing at close range).

When you are testing the GLI devices, are you running both sides wireless?

I find that on my AR150 that speeds will vary substantially depending on if one or both sides is wired.

On my AR300M I can hit ~15Mbs down / 10 Mbs up. I tend to get better performance if one side is wired.
This is being used on a router running openvpn on my home network, not a commercial VPN service.

@RangerZ it’s only one side wireless (WAN has wired connection), although I didn’t see massive improvement with both sides wired perhaps because I tested at close range.

@LostDog 15mbps would be fantastic, I wonder if this is due to the increase of processing power with this device. What’s your regular connection speed without VPN?

I’m interested in finding out what the spec bump with the AR300M provides in terms of real-world speed.

There might be something wrong with my new router. I can only get 2.2Mbps with HMA OpenVPN on my MT300A. I get 18Mbps if I run the VPN from my PC. I really need to get the 7-10Mbps that others say they get for this to be useable.

Anyone have some advice for how to improve it. I looked at setting up a PPTP or L2TP interface through the advanced menu, but I couldn’t get them to connect.

@biffer791, maybe HMA vpn is using some stronger encryption?? Actually 18Mbps on PC is not high. Seems the route to the server is not good??