MT300N Won't boot


All I did was update the firmwas to 2.26, seemed okay then just started randomly rebooting… Nothing I can do to recover it? I get to the upload page by holding reset and rebooting it and upload either regular or gl from here GL.iNet download center

It doesn’t seem to power on, just resets every minute or so 3 lights then 1. Holding reset while its ‘on’ does nothing. I feel like there is a corrupt nv ram parameter but no way to clear it?

First GLiNET product, not really impressed.

I’ve waited two days on a forum post with a similar issue, no response. It’s like anit-abortion people, we’ll do everything to help you get out, buy our router, but once you’re out, paid cash, good luck.

Mine went back to Amazon!

Don’t hold reset and power on. It will only enter uboot failsafe.

Randomly rebooting is generally power issue.s

Thanks. We are trying to do better. Just sometimes really short of hand.

No problem, you can return it if you don’t like it.

Used 3 different power supplies, maybe you guys should put in a better PM chip / circuit and add a capacitor or two. Lots of problems here due to ‘power supplies’.

Not holding down just cause the thing to boot loop, it didn’t go into u-boot failsafe like you said.

Also its not that I don’t like it… Its that it doesn’t work out of the box!