MT300Nv2 and AR750 unable to assoc

I have an AR150, MT300Nv2 and AR750. The AR150 I used to extend Community wifi out to smoke shack or if I wanted a stable connection. The MT300Nv2 and AR750 had both been connected to my ARRIS modem/router by WAN port. Then my ISP suspended my service. Since then I have been trying to get the Mango and AR750 as repeater from community wifi and it times out everytime and way Ive tried. I assume that the community AP remembers the AR150 and rejects the others. I dont have access to the Community AP/router (which is OpenMesh/Cloudtrax product). How do I get associated with AP? I heard it was necessary to dump or flush all clients? Im supposing that id for local present clients… Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you.

Do they have a policy or process to onboard your devices to its wifi?
Does the wifi need username and password to connect?

I don’t see there is a reason why MT300N-V2 or AR750 does not connect, especially AR150 and AR750 both use Opensource wifi drivers.

The community AP has password to associate with and then a captive portal with simple message and button to click to join. The AR150 was the first and only to associate with it. Subsequent attempts to connect the other 2 routers through the webgui fail with multiple browsers across Androids, iPhones, Linux and Windows desktops. Awhile back I’d heard something about DNS rebinding protection being the factor. There isnt a way to alter upstream records without violating terms of service. I think that I am in need of external DDNS or IDaaS. I will give GoodCloud a shot with the MT300Nv2. The AR750 I connected to ARRIS modem/router it was connected to before (got my service restored from ISP).

I have since solved my issues by purchasing a GbE 5 port switch that has PoE or VLAN mode. I use the switch in VLAN mode to segment my home network. I have the AR750 on VLAN 2 with a PC and a switch connected to LAN ports. It also broadcasts dual band wifi. Allowing alternative access to my network without directly accessing ISPs Modem/Router… I have a “Mango” MT300Nv2 connected on VLAN 3 that has a switch connected to LAN. On VLAN 1 is an Ubuntu Security workstation (Predator-OS). Because the managed switch tags the traffic it allows there to be multi homed hosts. Something like that. Its been working great and I am planning on adding private network access by ZeroTier One and Astro Relay bridge.

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