Mt300nv2 BSSID

Option to change BSSID does not exist for mt300v2. Normal solution is /etc/config/wireless add option bssid <bssid> under wifi-iface and this solution is perfect for AR750. Is not working on mt300nv2.

  • Is there an option to change BSSID on mt300nv2?

  • More interesting question, what is so different about firmwares 3.100 for mt300n and 3.100 for AR750 for causing one to have possibility to change BSSID but other not to have possibility?

Sorry bssid does not work with AP mode on MT300N-V2.

@alzhao Yes BSSID is working. But to change BSSID is not possible. This makes MT300n-v2 not usable. I will return this item.