MT300Nv2 NEW Lede firmware(v2ray trojan ssr)

This is a MT300Nv2 NEW Lede firmware
its sources came from github - coolsnowwolf/lede on 2020.12.29
i built it for using a firmware which have wifi,ssr,v2ray and trojan . i can use Module Huawei me909-821 on ot too(use NDIS) . I found a firmware called csclede,it can use wifi and ssr-plus ,but it can’t use USB!!!
this firmware is safe or you can build a firmware by yourself, just need a V-mathine from
i’m a middle school student and i’m not good at english,so don’t laught at my english speaking ability

Here is the download link(on my own server) :


thank you, I have download and successfully flashed.however I can’t turn on the wifi afterwards. please advise if any tricks?

First of all, I’m sorry to reply to your message so late. There is a problem with this firmware, mainly because I wrongly checked a driver that conflicts with the wifi driver when compiling. I only need to uninstall it. I have forgotten the package name. luci-app-mt** (two numbers)

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Hi, Crmctaft! Would you please update the firmware and upload it again? Thanks!

I found only one ipk package named luci-app-mtwifi

can you give tutorial?

I recompiled the latest firmware based on LEDER21,It includes vsftpd, ssrplus (ss, ssr, xray) (almost full protocol support), ad filters and some common drivers, including of course the usb-net-ncm driver for the Huawei ME909s-821。
Its WIFI driver uses openwrt open source driver, which will lead to dual SSID is not available, but because this route performance is weak, 300M wireless rate even if the official firmware support, it is impossible to full load, there is no difference in the use of the wireless expansion function is required to provide their own USB wireless card.
I provide all the files compiled here, including but not limited to firmware, packages, so the package size is over 40MB, but it’s not big, right? The package includes some drivers and software that are not built in, so you can check it out yourself.
It is recommended to learn how to compile openwrt because it is really simple, the complicated parts are simplified by smart developers, the graphical interface is also very easy to read, after learning how to customize the minimal firmware, you can really experience the fun of customizable routing.

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Please I can not see anything here please give us the real link for it