MT300Nv2 (Yellow one) no longer charges phone on USB tether

Hi! Not sure what happened, whether a hardware failure or some configuration needs to reset.

USB Tethering works fine, but the charge circuit no longer charges the phone.

Tried different cables, tried reboot, tried even a second phone. Charge does not occur.

USB connection and tethering works fine, just not the charging circuit.

Any recommendations? Bought the unit about two months ago.

Test performed two ways:

  1. Noticed that the Phone Battery discharged from 100 to 0. This obviously was not normal. Had been working fine for two months, and remaining at 100%.
  2. Using Accubattery. Noticed that when phone was plugged in, the “charge rate” remained negative (that is, continued to discharge). USB data tethering was working fine, but phone continues to discharge.

Any recommendations?

The router is currently in wireless repeat mode, and works fine. USB does not charge.