MT6000 (Flint 2) Router My Roku TV outside of VPN

Is it possible to configure my Roku TV not to use my ProtonVPN that is installed on my MT6000 (Flint 2) Router by way of Wireguard? Is that called Split Tunneling?
Has anybody done that or does anybody have an idea on how to do that?
Live streaming shows are being blocked by the VPN. I had already talked with Proton which they told me that Roku does block known vpn Servers.
So, I don’t care if my Roku TV is outside of my VPN.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Changing the VPN policy (proxy mode) is the way to go:

Hi admon; thank you for this information.
I believe I am trying to do the opposite of what the changing the VPN policy (proxy mode) will do.
I want to have 1 device (Roku TV) go outside of my VPN and all other devices (Desktop, Laptop and/or cellphone) go inside the VPN. If that makes sense?
The way I understood it, but maybe I am mistaken, is that changing the VPN policy (proxy mode) settings to this “Based on the client device.
In this mode, only the traffic of certain local client devices defined by MAC address will go through VPN. Only one VPN client instance can be activated” I want several vpn client going thru my vpn and only one client Not going thru my vpn.

Client instance = Provider
Only 1 active VPN provider connection is possible, without further trouble. But it’s not about the devices.

Just use “Based on the client device” and exclude the MAC of your Roku TV

Oh Ok! I understand now.
Thank you very much