MTK or Atheros for VPN performance?

Hi, Which device (Atheros / Mediatek) chipset would provide the best VPN performance, I will be running a few pc’s via LAN > Switch and a few streaming devices via Wi-Fi. At present I have 2 routers the 2nd of which is running PPTP via DD-WRT however the router is old and performance isn’t great. Also rather than running the VPN router behind the 1st could I use a single router and have only certain IP’s using the OpenVPN connection or should I still purchase 2 mini routers devices ?

Thanks, Simon

I don’t know what the the 1st router doing.

For vpn performance, Atheros does better job. If you need better performance, get one GL-AR300M

I only tested openvpn speed. I hope pptp has better speed.