Mudfish Install - GL-SFT1200

Is there a way for me to install Mudfish on this router? Any help or guide link will do.


According to Installing Mudfish · MUDFISH
it is a yes.


I actually tried this and I got some errors. I think the current firmware for this doesn’t meet the minimum for mudfish. Is that right? says here 18.06.1 but latest firmware is 18.06 only.

ah, sorry my mistake. It is not the openwrt version, it is the SoC arch.

It does not work in SFT1200. You can ask the Mudfish team to compile for SFT1200 if they can help.

As said in their docs, it should work in these models: AR750, AR750s, MT300N-V2, B1300.

For other models just ask the author to help.