Mudi 4.3.9 TOR Not working

TOR does not start or boot on 4.3.9 on MUDI router.
doesn’t even go to 0% just says initializing and stays like that.

I tried connecting over Wi-Fi and on LTE with sim and I tried setting MTU to 1428 did not fix the error, had to revert to 4.3.8. And TOR works fine, but there are many know security vulnerabilities that are fixed in 4.3.9 can the Gl-inet team find a fix and release a new firmware that works using TOR that would be appreciated well so much

Thank you for your products, im hoping to get some swift help :slight_smile:

Step1 Enable Custom Exit Nodes and Choose US for example. Connect and wait as it is slow. If you do not see any progress, move on to Step 2

Step2 send an email to to request a new obfs4 bridges.

Once you receive the new bridges, add it to the file /etc/tor/torrc as per the following guide: