Can you make sure you got an American version? The UI shows the model of the modem. Can you give a screenshot?

If you used a version not for the US you will get 3G network.

See attached

by the way, with the above settings, I still don’t get data connection to AT&T (even 3G). The sim card works (it is a unlimited iPad plan sim card by AT&T, not a MVNO card)

If possible, can I help you remotely?

Yes. That will be great! How can I setup the Mudi to get your remote troubleshooting?

It seems that your APN is not correct, the Nighthawk MR1100 use this APN:

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but it shows ‘3G’, which means the U.S. version of MUDI, with EC25AFF doesn’t event have the right band for AT&T, correct?

by the way, by changing the APN to ‘broadband’ and reboot. AT&T works now! Thanks!

Showing 3G does not mean it does not have the right band.

Glad to know!

I wrote a post here where you can follow the steps and try to solve the problem

Are you getting AT&T LTE service now?

Has anyone had any luck with the EP06A?(EP06ALAR02A07M4G), shows 3g with no connection(apn set to broadband). This same card works fine with lte in my nighthawk.

Yes. I confirmed EP06A works (I bought a US version of MUDI with EC25AF, then I swap it using a EP06A).

You just need to follow the instruction above. device is /dev/cdc-wdm0, APN to ‘broadband’

then reboot.

it worked for me.

Have you tried the method in the link? AT&T network fix

step two doesn’t target the ep06a, R02 is the version string on it. R05/07 are what the second part of those instructions are for. @ken555 I have had it set to broadband since I got it. No dice.

For EP06, execute at+qfopen="../../data/fota_ip_a/update_report.ur",1

+CME ERROR: 410 when that is ran

Sorry, I was wrong. The instructions are:

It is working now. It was still connecting to 3G. I forced it to band 66 and lte started working…

I’m using an ATT sim w/ my Mudi (Global module) and it works fine.