MUDI Device name change

How do you change the name of the MUDI router, I don’t see the advanced tab in the main setting page like in the other routers you made. I need to change the device name. Not the SSID. The device name.

You could go to gli - applications - plug-ins.
Then update packages and install luci if you want that advanced tab back. :wink:

Thank you, I have another question how do you change the IMEI. Can I change IMEI before I add a sim card?

I tried going to At command with these settings:

Shortcut: manual command

AT command: IMEI (repair) AT +EGMR=1,7,“123XXXXXXXXXXX”

port: DEV/TTY/USB2

I get error what is the problem how can I change the IMEI

I dont see luci after i update plugins how do i get the advanced tab. thank you for any help

Go to plugin page and install luci.

After install Luci plugin and no Advanced Options in GL.inet UI Page,
try directly in your browser:

If your router is, make click directly in this link below
Router - Overview - LuCI

If another IP , copy-paste in your browser and replace with IP number address

I connect to the internet and look up luci in plug in nothing shows