Mudi (E750) Connected but no interent?

I have worked on this problem over a couple of days and used what worked before. After not using it for some time i can not seem to get the LTE to work. No issues before. I have not touched it in a while and when i put a AT&T sim card in it ( this sim works in two other LTE routers) it do not get a internet connection but it seems LTE does connect. I have attached a Screen shot of the Modem page from the main internet screen. I have gone as far as a full wipe and setup with no real reason to the issue. I am on 4.0 Any ideas?

Update: Downgraded back to 3.x and i can connect and use it just fine. Something is going on in 4.x that is causing a issue. Please let me know if there is something i can do for fix the issue with 4.x

Please log in to the cloud platform to share the device to this account gl.inet_support

So sorry for the late response. Without Internet I am assuming you want the mudi added to local wifi then connect to the cloud service?

You can plug in the card and relay a wifi

The item has been added to GoodCloud, i wasn’t sure if i should enable SSH or remote webaccess. Need anything else?

you should enable SSH and remote webaccess
Contact our technical support team and send them your device mac and password.
Or send it to this email

Just sent a email to the one you mentioned with mac and admin password.

Plug in the AT&T sim card

The simcard is plugged in. I have noticed that happens from time to time. If I keep it plugged in it stops recognizing the SIM card.

The sim card can connect normally and access the Internet

Awesome! May I ask what the issue was?

So my mudi died and the internet doesn’t work now. I am curious what you did to fix it.