Mudi (E750) Connected but no interent?

I have worked on this problem over a couple of days and used what worked before. After not using it for some time i can not seem to get the LTE to work. No issues before. I have not touched it in a while and when i put a AT&T sim card in it ( this sim works in two other LTE routers) it do not get a internet connection but it seems LTE does connect. I have attached a Screen shot of the Modem page from the main internet screen. I have gone as far as a full wipe and setup with no real reason to the issue. I am on 4.0 Any ideas?

Update: Downgraded back to 3.x and i can connect and use it just fine. Something is going on in 4.x that is causing a issue. Please let me know if there is something i can do for fix the issue with 4.x

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