Mudi e750 lte band preference

Is there any way to indicate a preference to use a specific lte band for example firstnet band14 as first preference. Is that specifiable in one of the /etc/config files?

@alzhao ,
I’d appreciate any insights you may have on this

Is there any AT command?


Can you just lock to that band 14?

Can you tell me what the process is to lock to a specific lte hand. In my specific case, I want to use lte band 14 when available. What if the band isn’t available, is there a fallback lte band that can be specfied

In the web panel, go to AT command section and you will find preconfigred AT command to lock band.

Just to quickly ask a question regarding Mudi:

Is there any plan to have an upgraded version of Mudi? OpenWRT version upgrade, better wifi speed, etc.

It is a Wish!

No plan yet.