Mudi e750 wishlist

Been using the GL-E750 for over 2 months now and several wishlist

  1. working WireGuard client - posted separately the issue
  2. toggle to enable/disable data roaming
  3. feature to select mobile network; useful when roaming
  4. backup/restore of settings as i am seem to require to reset occasionally the router stops responding.

thank you

  1. This is a configuration issue. Did you use the GL UI Wireguard client page to configure? Or manually via config files?
  2. To disable roaming run the command AT+QCFG="roamservice" 1 to enable it again AT+QCFG="roamservice" 2 or automatic AT+QCFG="roamservice" 255
  3. This is also a series of commands, i don’t know exactly which. @wellnw @luochongjun can you help with this?
  4. To backup your config, follow the instructions here how to install the advanced menu:
    More Settings - GL.iNet Docs

Then after login into Luci (the advanced menu for OpenWRT), backup is under “System → Backup / Flash Firmware”

Hi Johnex,

  1. Have responded to the other thread on this issue.

  2. Yeah I saw the AT Commands but would be great if it’s done in UI

  3. UI would be great even from the app as I travel regularly switching become SIM card.

  4. Will give this a shot. Thanks

some UI needs are so hardware specific and also not the best choice for the majority of the users to build into products. when that occurs, no need to wait.
install luci-app-commands
then go to
and make a roaming, no roaming script or set provider script etc. then bookmark in your browser.

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From a business sense some of it also comes down to how many people want this functionality? I for one don’t need this functionality (please note I’m not saying that your need is “wrong” :stuck_out_tongue: ) . How much time do you spend (and pay people for) to add this functionality to the Gl.Inet UI?. Yes it can be done via Luci, but I agree with you that things in the gl.inet interface are so much easier (I’m still having issues with trying to get a USB stick working on another OpenWRT router, Gl.iNet…plug it in and it works).

Another factor, would they have to increase the price of the Mudi to pay for the work to add the additional functionality?


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I agree with being able to select network and toggle roaming in the UI…

it is a travel router after all, being able to enable roaming and select network are basic functionalities to me…