Mudi E750: worrisome battery life

Hi, I’ve been using the Mudi E750 for the last few days and love it. But worried about the battery life. When using it outside, it’s consuming around 15% per hour – granting me only around 6-7 hours of battery life, not lasting a full day. It’s mostly on 4G with good reception at full bars. I have Wireguard, SQM and Adblock on. Is this normal and how should I increase battery life to last for the day?

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You should log in via SSH and run the top command. That will show you what is using a lot of cpu power. It might be SQM, it might also be a firmware bug at this stage. Post your results here :slight_smile:

Ran top via SSH, and I don’t see anything crazy. Highest were RPC daemon @ 5% and mwan call status @ 3%. Wonder what other users are getting in terms of battery life

I think its worth also considering whether turning on both wifi radios versus either the 2Ghz / 5 Ghz makes a difference.

good suggestion. I’ll turn off the 5GHz to see if there’s a difference

I can use mine for 11 hours. Turning 2.4G off will extend battery life for 1 hours. Turning 5G wifi off will extend battery life for 2 hours.

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I’m getting the same, from a full charge the device gets warm in my pocket and the battery will struggle to make it past lunch.

I have just tried disabling 5g Wifi but I don’t have anything running on it at the moment, just as it out the box with a SIM card installed and a Wifi network setup.

I’m thinking the CPU is running at full and not scaling.

I have a phone with a 10,000ah battery and that lasts approx 6 days so I would expect a device with a 7,000ah battery to last at least a day.

I have also set the Wifi TX power to low, initially it was set to high but it hasn’t made a huge different, unfortunately.

Also, I have the cat6 modem installed, EP06-E LA?



@ipreferpie @matt01

I was outside with the Mudi today, it has an EP06-E LA. I was watching a Twitch stream and listening to music on Youtube from 15:54 to 18:53 which is 2 hours 59 minutes, so lets say 3 hours. During that time the battery dropped from 100% to 75% so 1/4 of the battery. So i will get around 12 hours battery if i had continued in the same way.

Keep in mind it was in varying network conditions such as walking around the city (amazing signal) to riding the underground trains (weak signal), and using Wireguard for VPN the whole time, so that would both exercise the processor and the 4g module. Here are photos of the result, you can look at the phone time and the battery percent. Also interesting is yes, the Mudi does get slightly warm, but its nice during winter when its 0 outside.


If signal is weak it will consume more power than strong signal.

I am also having battery issues.

  1. The unit takes forever to charge. With the supplied charger, it takes like 5 hours.
  2. It goes down quick. Overnight, in standby mode it lost 40% of its charge. No sim card added, only 5G wifi active. (But again, unit is in standby)

It is so bad I am thinking I got a faulty unit.

My Mudi (GL-E750) EC25-E 4G also charge about 5 hours.

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This should be normal. Standby mode only save half of the power.

if would have been ok if there is some sort of fast charging feature, the charging is too slow to cover for the higher battery consumption


I recently got one of these, and thinking of returning it, its always running very hot, /tmp/mcu_data always shows above 42 degrees. When charging it can reach 50, and at times it completely shutsdown presumibly due to overheating. The device is inside a house and the inside temprature is never higher than 21 degrees. The device is not in the sunshine.

top/uptime shows no load, 0.01%.

Has anyone managed to control the temprature/battery drain on this? There is no reason for it to be so hot when it is not charging.


42 during common use is normal.

When charging it reach 50 is also OK.

But generally it will not reach 60 degree which is the shutdown temperature.

What about 69°C?

Mudy is running 3.102 fw. Today there was at least 5 reboot because of Mudy’s temperature…


And ther is only 3 clients…

When sending this reply it gets even hotter: 71°C

I don’t remember any time when Mudy was cooler than 50°C. And i don’t really use it with too many clients. Max. 5-6 clients. What’s gonna be in the summer time? like in a bag or something out in the city? Or on a train without climatization?

Probably best to send it back where you bought it, get a replacement. As @alzhao wrote it shouldn’t be more than like 45 during normal operation.

as Johnex said, can we exchange one for you and get this one back to anlysis?

Just got mine, testing it without sim as a wifi repeater. Drains battery like crazy, switching it to standby doesn’t help much, it doesn’t survive til the evening. Tried to SSH in after waking up from standby and see numbers like

root@GL-E750:~# uptime
 13:35:51 up 37 min,  load average: 3.26, 1.60, 1.25

After a couple of minutes in repeater mode, it goes up to

root@GL-E750:~# uptime
 13:40:59 up 42 min,  load average: 4.31, 4.27, 2.60

Is it normal?

Try to turn off 5ghz WiFi and reducing tx power to low, it helps a lot with battery life