Mudi, EP06-A on Verizon Issue

Does Mudi+EP06-A work on Verizon network in USA?

T-Mobile SIM card works on Mudi+EP06-A. Verizon SIM Card (a normal phone sim card activated using an iPhone) doesn’t register. It shows Verizon, no connection.

Any tips?

By the way, both T-Mobile and Verizon sim cards works in the Mudi when I switched the EP06-A with a EC25-AF card.

So EC25-AF works well on both network, but EP06-A only works with T-Mobile, not Verizon.

Please help.

Verizon is fairly particular about what Data Modules they allow on their network…

For a list of supported/approved modules see the link below

hope this helps.

EP06-A is listed in verizon site. but somehow it didn’t work in Mudi.

The same Verizon SIM card works with EP25-AF in the same Mudi.

Any specific settings I need to do for EP06-A?

I don’t have a Mudi - but maybe check the APN? Some modems have built in profiles that are used if the APN is not specified in the connection settings.

Should be “vzwinternet” - and the SIM card should allow for tethering if it is a phone SIM…

Should work I would think if the device is on VZ’s approved list.