Mudi GL-E750-065


I just got Mudi GL-E750-06
Now facing issue, that my sim card not registered

Can you explain what the difference between all tty usb port ?

also how to change band freq ?
since I’ve applied new band, but it’s still show default_band


Data should use

/dev/ttyUSB3 or /dev/cdc-wdm0
/dev/ttyUSB2 is used for AT command

The AT command is not stored after you execute it. So every time you go to this web page, you will be displayed with “default_band”.

The most import thing is to use the correct APN.


Thanks for your response
any command to check which band that active configured ?

You can check “Cell Info” and get the band in use.

But I don’t know how to check what is the current settings.