Mudi GL-E750 - 4G is half as fast as Smartphone

Hi, I have already written to the support. But maybe I made myself unclear why I want to write it again here.

The Mudi Router is only half as fast as my Huawei Mate20pro cell phone at 4G. Is this normal or what could be the reason? I have tried a lot of factory reset with different firmware, but without success.

Only when I installed 3.104 Adguard the speed was the same for a few minutes. It then showed 4G+ - in the Australian outback with Telstra. But I could not repeat this.

Is it the same with others? Maybe someone has a tip for me?


There will be some difference. The Mudi only has a Cat 6 LTE modem (Ep06) while your phone supports Cat 21 (from the Web). Depending on where you are the phone will be able to aggregate more bands so give you much higher throughput.

Will also depend on telco (Telstra, Optus, Vodafail) and what bands they support in each tower and what bandwidth is available on the tower you are connecting to.

It complicated but short story you will mostly likely get lower speeds on the Mudi.

That being said if youre in the outback Telstra has installed Band 28 small cells in a lot of rural places. These offer a relatively limited bandwidth and the high Cat rating on the Huawei shouldn’t make too much of a difference as it can’t pul additional bandwidth from other bands. I have a holiday home serviced only by a small cell and when there my Mudi gives relatively the same speed as my Cat 15 Xiaomi Mi 9t.

thanks for the answer and explanation. I just didn’t think that the router was the bottleneck. Also report that the processor is not the fastest and then slows down the up/download for VPN connections.
Unfortunately I haven’t found a router that is good everywhere. The M1 Nighthawk was faster at 4G. But as a WLAN repeater and generally the user interface was a catastrophe.

You running OpenVPN or Wireguard? . From a speed loss point of view Wireguard poops all over OpenVPN.

The M1 is cat 16 hence probably why the faster LTE speeds.

Luckily for my meagre mobile bandwidth needs reliability, easy of use and flexibility are more important to me then outright speed so the Mudi suits my requirements.

In “ideal” locations and conditions like CBD on average I can pull around 35Mbps on the Mudi on Cat 6 and my phone can pull 100Mbps+

On the small cell at the holiday home I probably only get between 9-12Mbps on either device but it’s enough to stream some 1080p and surf the Web :blush:

If pure speed was available on my phone and not the Mudi and I really needed the speed I’d probably just USB tether my phone when required :blush:

Don’t forget too there’s so many other factors that will affect speed like congestion on the towers, distance to towers etc. :slight_smile: