Mudi (GL-E750) Always Plugged In Feature


Browsing thorough the forum, it seems that many users (including me) have this request of being able to somehow use the Mudi (GL-E750) solely on power source if they want to use for a prolonged period without moving the router.

Of course, the main feature of this router is portability, and running on battery is a huge deal.
But even travelling, there are times which you may stay for a week or longer at one place, so what can be implemented to preserve the battery from degradation when always plugged in? (without having to constantly plug in and out of power every 8 hours or so which is impractical)

It would be super nice if GL.iNet could think of a solution, possibly through a software upgrade, cause this relates to users who already own the product, so a hardware upgrade is not possible at this point.

I read in another topic that GL.iNet is working to bring 4.2 update to Mudi which is awesome. Perhaps, this feature could be considered too? Maybe an auto shut off power at a certain percentage of battery charge? Or shut the power off when is full charge and when it reaches to a set level then start charging again?


Unfortunately, the plugged in feature is controlled by the hardware.