Mudi GL-E750 Can't connect to Vodafone LTE

Hi all,

So I’ve just bought a Mudi to replace the GL-MiFi I’ve been using but can’t get it to connect to the internet through my UK contract Vodafone SIM. It’s the same SIM that’s working perfectly fine in the MIFI and when I look in the admin console it’s showing as connected. The selected APN is as expected and the modem has an IP address but it refuses to pass any traffic, even a ping from the router itself fails.

Has anyone seen this before? Happy to provide any further diagnostics info if required.

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Sometimes just do a firmware reset works. Can you try that before we check other things?


Just run through the factory reset process but no joy.

I’ve got it working, had to do the following:

  • Disconnect modem
  • Click ‘Manual Setup’
  • Change Device to ‘/dev/ttyUSB3’
  • Change Service to ‘LTE/UMTS/GPRS’
  • Set APN
  • Click ‘Apply’

Came straight up. Looks to be an issue with using the CDC-WDM port for this connection, which is a shame. Has the Luci admin panel been installed by default on this device? If so how can I access it?

Good. Pls go to applications - plug-ins

Pls update repo first.

Then find luci and install.