Mudi GL-E750: how to connect to WiFi and repeat through LAN?


I’m a total noob in all network things.
I would like to use my Mudi GL-E750 this way:

  • connect to existing WiFi
  • repeat this WiFi through LAN (usb-c port on Mudi to usb-c port on my laptop, macbook pro)

Is this possible? How can I achieve this?
I tried:

  • to change the Network Mode to Extender or WDS
  • to connect the usb-c cable from Mudi to my laptop

But I failed each time, as it is not recognized as Thunderbolt Bridge on my laptop. I had to reset the router (4 second reset) each time.

Why do I want this: I would like to do channel bonding from 2 different WiFi networks. One connected directly to the laptop. The other network connected through the Mudi Ethernet output (if that makes sense).

Thank you very much :pray:


It is possible, however you will also need something like this:

How would that work?

  • Which Network mode should I use?
  • should I plug the usb-c to Mudi, then plug the ethernet adapter, then plug in the ethernet cable, then plug it into another ethernet adapter, and plug the usb-c to my laptop?

This looks… cumbersome :sweat_smile:

Hey @slow_rabbit

For the above example using the E750 you would have:

Router WiFi → Repeater Wifi E750 → USBC-USBC cable ->E750 Mini Port Replicator->Ethernet Cable->RJ45-USBC Adapter->USB C Port->Notebook

So not exactly the cleaniest solution but really there’s no other option if you want wired connection.

The only Gl.Inet unit that appears as an ethernet adapter via USB-C is the BrumeW. Then you could have
Router WiFi → Repeater BrumeW (2.4Ghz only) → USBC-USBC cable->USB C Port->Notebook

The only other “neat” option you have within the Gl.Inet range (if your notebook/devices has a USB-A port) is the USB 150 microrouter. This would plug directly into a USB-A Port . Repeater WiFi USB150 (2.4Ghz only) ->USB A Port ->Notebook

A lot depends on your exact needs (and budget as always :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hope this helps.

@limbot Thank you for your help!

I am curious: why can’t I use the USBC cable straight from E750 to my notebook? Why do we need to use these various adapters?

Also, I guess I wouldn’t be able to use the USBA port from E750?

I think I will just buy a USBA or USBC dongle like this:

Thanks again for your help


Basically the USB-C port (or the USB-A port) on the E750 doesn’t support “virtual” ethernet. It’s just a “constraint” of the hardware.