Mudi (GL-E750) Replacement

Dear Forum-Members,

does anyone has an Idea where I can get an replacement accu (european reseller prefered) for my not charging and blown up accu pack inside of the Mudi travel router?

After 4 years it was not charging and bringing up the router again, what is completly ok. What I see as really poor customer service is that Gl-Inet is not providing a exchange part that could be bought on a device that is still on sale. Recommandation instead of buying a new 20-50€/$ part that could easily replaced, buy a new 200€ device. Not really eco and customer friendly move.

So anyone an idea to get this accu with fitting size and connectivity? Yep I used google :wink:

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Hello Nekekami,

Sincerely sorry for this inconvenience taken anyway.

Actualy we don’t sell the battery on our store, since the shippment for the battery would be a really trouble, and it is inavailable on most conditions, different from shippment within the device as a part.

Besides that, the replacement of the battery would also be a difficult work, and easily causing the device broke down, which is really annoying.

Thus it is not recommended to take the action to replace the battery by yourself.

I think you can drop a email to about your condition and they may opper you some other workaround.

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Dear GL.Inet,

thank you for your reply but I already done with the hope that I get an exchange from you. As accu packs not a unicorn my hope was that someone in the community has an idea where I can get one without you.

My degree in rocket since included a course in “screwdriving”, “open up plastic covers” and “unplugging a cable”. I don´t get an A in it but I´ve fine with my C-. What should I say: The router is opened, accu pack is removed and still working with an external powerbank plugged in on the USB port.

But I don´t want to carry the router and a powerbank all the time so if someone in this community has found an external supplier that is dealing with the high risk of shipping accu packs please let me know.


Seriously, a more right to repair conscious approach would be appreciated by the entire userbase


Has anyone managed to find a replacement for the battery?
According to customer support, it’s a custom one built for the device and refused to give any specs about it.
Instead, they suggest to buy the new version of the E750… :-/
Really… then I rather prefer digging into alternate products with better repair/replacement possibilities…
Wouldn’t be possible for GL.Inet to provide replacement batteries for customers?

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the same happened to me. Swollen battery and support advised to replace the whole thing.

Bob2022 provided really good photos of the teardown in this thread:

The battery has 2 strips of double side tape Attached to the visible tabs, but the tabs are not helpful to remove the pack.

DIY removal at your own risk. Things get risky from here.

i pried up the battery with a lot of force without damage. If i were to try it again, i would try a solvent or some piano wire to use less force. There is no electronics under the battery.

The pack is is 2 8.3mm * 49mm *64mm lithium packs (3500mah * 3.7v) with tabs welded to a custom pcb. The pcb routes each battery to a single black/red pair on the 5pin connector. The yellow pin is ties to a sensor thar was kapton taped between the 2 backs. The board has pos/neg clearly labbeled.

Carefully snipping and lifting away the blue shrinkwrap and kapton tape, you'll find the 2 battery packs are also double side taped to each other. Leave them. Instead, snip the tabs off the PCB (space as needed, i snipped closer to the battery to give me more working space.

In theory, you can rebuild the pack with 2 new 834964 batteries. I haven't found those yet, but have gotten it to temporarily work with a pair of smaller battery packs i bought for another project.

Currently i am looking for more exact replacement packs or info on how the charging circuit works to make sure i find something safely compatible. I've sent out a few inquiries, but the only source i have found wants orders of 1000pcs.