Mudi GL-E750 with EG25-G, facing slowness with 4G

The E750ā€™s CPU is QCA9531, and its encryption performance is far inferior to the IPQ60000 of the AX1800.

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is there any way that we can increase the speed by changing some settings ?

i mean in the openvpn to use less encryptions

E750ā€™s cpu could achieve up to 17Mbps openvpn in our local test.

In real test 8-10mbps should be OK.

Definitely you can change the encryption to have a test.

Im using AES-128-CBC with UDP protocol. yet i get 3 Mbps

Can you try TCP?

Usutally UDP is faster but UDP is likely to be throttled.

to be honest with you i have VPN subscription which uses AES-256 and with this i get more than 5 Mbps on E750.

Whereas the VPN server hosted on my home router has AES-128 and with E750 it gives 3Mbps or less, but this same VPN on my Huawei router gives more than 5Mbps.

This behavior is very strange.

Please advice.