MUDI (GL-E750 with EP06-E) Slow Charging

I bought a MUDI from GL Technologies in Shopee Philippines last July 4, 2023. I tested the item last July 10 and finds it functional. I followed its documentation found in their website and the related topics and issues in the forum.

I did experience unusual issue on my MUDI concerning very slow charging last September. If turn off, it takes more than 8 hours to completely charge the battery using other type c charging cable because the supplied charging cable keep loosen up after awhile and suddenly discharge itself. If turn on, it will slowly decreases it battery percentage and the cable will keep loosen up after sometime. I did couple of times to reset the router and use a pin to reset its MCU. Up to this writing, I will turn off the router and let it completely charge using the recommended charger. I manage somehow after trial and error in placing the cable to the charging port to continue charging the battery. I updated the firmware to its latest stable. I really like the latest firmware because Tor is functioning well, the cellular network has been optimized and much features has been enhanced except the battery charging of the router.

Is this really normal? I did not experience anything like this last July and August. Kindly help me on this issue. Thanks and God bless.

May I ask what other adapter specifications you use, is it 5V2A or 5V1A, or other? Slow charging may be related to adapter power.

5V 2A with 10 watts power similar to the original charger. Yesterday, after a couple of trial and error I managed to place the original type c cable to its charging port. I observed each moment if it is charging or not. I did not try to use the router while it is continuously charging. It was 6 hours straight. But using another cable with the original charger it will take 10 hours if the remaining percentage is 20 or less. Is there any plug in that can help to mitigate on the battery charging of the router? I wonder if this could solve this issue. Thanks for responding to my concern. Anyway, I’m glad to have this router utilized in my workplace.

Thanks for responding to my post here in the forum. I did find a solution, that is by forcing a little bit further to tighten the original type c charging cable to the port of the router to continue charging. This way it will charge continuously and the battery percentage increases as I charge the router while using it at home. Looking forward on the updates of the firmware of the router.