Mudi GL-E750C6 VPN Speed

Hi all,

I am having trouble getting good speed from my new Mudi GL-E750C6. I used a sim card in the device and also tethered it to my iPhone and I get about 5Mbps Down/Up testing on both laptop and a phone connected to Mudi WiFi. Using the sim card in the phone gives about 132/41 Mbps Down/Up. I am using NordVPN with Open VPN configured on the Phone and Mudi when checking those speeds so that testing speed on the iPhone and Mudi is roughly comparable.

If I switch off the VPN on the Mudi I get 23/24 Mbps Down/Up when tethering and the same with the sim card. So clearly using VPN is a problem. Why can I not get close to the speed I get on my phone on the Mudi with or without VPN?

Also the WiFi passthrough is similarly degraded. On my home WiFi router I get 250/40 down/up but on with Mudi connected by WiFi and using passthrough I get about about 48/24 down/up.

Basically as far as I can see you only get 20% of incoming speed for Sim, Tethering and WiFi passthrough and if you switch on VPN you get 20% of 20%.

Before I return the Mudi to the store I want to try to get a better VPN connection speed on it. Can anyone offer me advice on how to improve my speed?

You can try to switch to using Wireguard, it offers way better speed that OpenVPN.

Thanks a lot for that suggestion it’s the one thing I have not tried yet. I use NordVPN and apparently, they have decided to implement a proprietary version of Wireguard called NordLynx and when I looked it up it seemed like it was not so stable etc. Since it is proprietary I’m not sure if it’s compatible with my device, in fact I see it probably is not: What is NordLynx? Here’s Everything You Need to Know (2022) also the speed difference is on the order of 10% 20% faster at best which is insignificant compared to the 80% loss of speed the Mudi VPN is causing.

Solving the VPN loss of 80% speed would be good but there’s still the major issue of 80% loss of speed using Mudi for WiFi (described above in detail).

I will be sending it back, my verdict is it’s not nearly good enough for normal use.


Speed gain differs a lot between devices.

Max OpenVPN speed is 10Mbps, Wireguard is 50Mpbs. You can check on Mudi product page.

Sorry have no idea how to configure NordVPN Wireguard…