Mudi showing "No Internet" but I can access web


I recently got a Mudi v1 and using it with T-Mobile US.

In my case, the OLED screen is showing “T-Mobile” and “No Internet” but what is odd is that I can actually browse the web without issue. So everything seems to be working fine, but just that the OLED screen is telling me otherwise.

My device was running 4.3.9 and just updated to 4.3.12 today, and still seeing the same issue. I have set TTL and TTL IPv6 to 66, but have not changed any other cellular settings. I’m also able to send and receive text messages.

Any idea why the screen would show “No Internet” and how I can go about fixing it? Thank you!

Disable the Interface status tracking from Multi-WAN

Thanks! I’ve tried disabling it for Cellular only and for all interfaces. In both scenarios, I still see “No Internet”.

Is there another setting I should be toggling?

Did you upgrade your device with a reserved configuration?

Can you check the device to see if this file exists?

Not sure about upgrading with a reserved configuration. What does that mean?

Also, what command should I be running or where can I find this file? Is it

ls /tmp/run/mwan3

Or something else?

You can run the ssh root@ command to access the background of the router

This is the output I get

I factory reset my device and set it up again. After that, it seems to be working as expected and no longer shows “No Internet”, so will consider this issue closed.

This is what I see

Your upgrade process is v3.217->v4.3.9->4.3.12?

I don’t recall the starting FW but sounds about right