Mudi Unable to view SMS Mesages (500 Response)

I visited a foreign country and popped in a local SIM card. I had read messages from the previous SIM card in saved in the modem and it was not deleted. When I receive new messages from the local SIM card, I was not able to view it, both new and old ones. The API returns 500. Is there anyway that I can view the messages? I am comfortable with CLI via SSH and/or Luci. Thanks.

We tested different SIM and didn’t find the 500 error.

Can you let me know your current firmware version? Are you able to upgrade to 3.215?

If possible, you can bind the router to Goodcloud and share to us to have a check?

Hi It’s on the latest firmware.

I am able to view the SMS messages by running cat GMS99.xxxx in /etc/spool/sms/incoming.

When I try to move them to /etc/spool/sms/checked, the message got moved to /etc/spool/sms/failed with Fail Reason: No Destination.

If it helps, they’re SMS from the HK Government.

Also, I’d like to report a “bug”?

I am not able to set SendGrid as the SMTP provider. They have apikey as username and an API Key as password… The UI forced me to enter an email address as the username. I ended up typing in a fake username and “fixing” it under /etc/ssmtp

I will file this bug. Can you just pm me a screenshot?

I understand what you are seeing but it is better to have images when I submit the bug internally.

dont worry. I submit the bug internally already.

@alzhao Sorry I missed your comment.

I don’t know what screenshot should I include but these are the files that I have updated manually:

  • /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf
rewriteDomain=<<Redacted, Updated from fake username's domain to real domain manually>>
hostname=<<Redacted, Updated from fake username's domain to real domain manually>>
AuthUser=<<Redacted, Updated from fake username to "apikey" manually>>
  • /etc/ssmtp/revaliases
root:<<Redacted, Updated from fake username to "apikey" manually>>
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