Mudi V2 Wireless Issues with 4.0-release20309 Firmware

I just upgraded my Mudi V2 to the latest firmware that was released on Feb 1 (4.0-release20309). After doing so the wireless networks are no longer available. You can see them on the display screen but they aren’t broadcasting. When searching this forum it looks like that has been an issue in previous firmware versions but was corrected in 2022. Just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this to see if it is just me, or it is a new firmware issue. Reverting back to the prior firmware solves the issue.

Did you upgrade from 3.x and keep the settings?

If yes, please reset the router because keeping the settings from 3.x to 4.x will cause trouble.

No I was already on version 4 (9/18/23) and I completely wiped the settings when I did the upgrade. Reverting back to the 9/18 firmware seems to be back to normal.

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