Mudi V2 Youtube Restriction

Just received my MUDI V2 GL-E750 v2. While using cellular for Wi-Fi and connecting my iPad, it enables YouTube Restrictions. If I use it as a Repeater, no restrictions enabled. This is out of box, haven't changed any settings other than to use Sim Card and use it as a Repeater.

Android phone, Windows computer, and iPhone don't have these restrictions enabled while using cellular.

I noticed that when I first log in on the APP and as it's establishing a connection to the router, the Parental Controls button is visible but then it disappears as soon as it's connected, and only visible button on the home screen is the VPN button.

I'm not a networking nerd and bought this to potentially learning about networking. Do I need to install a plugin for the Parental Controls via the Applications page? And if so, do I use OpenWRT to do so?

I also noticed that File Sharing is missing. I will make a separate post about that, but did something happen with a frimware update that took these Applications away?

What's the point of being able to add storage if we're not able to access it?

Thanks in advance and any suggestion to good learning resources for networking / routers would be greatly appreciated.

App is universal for all models. It is normal. On E750 no parental control installed.

Gl.iNet removed it as it takes too much storage. If you have SD card plugged in install following:


But do NOT run it without extroot (manual) as you can run system out of memory.

I don’t think you can add it. If you need to block something specific, add it to hosts as:

If something more serious needed use BanIP with list what you want.

It can be browser problem, try incognito mode. Also enable encrypted DNS (rarely default DNS can do that if ISP set restrictions (usually by your request)). Guide (link)

P.S: You can use NextDNS to achieve parental control mostly

What do you mean by "YouTube Restrictions"?

As I understand it is “kids mode”. It often happens if such setting set on ISP side :slight_smile:

It's meant to block certain types of content. On my iPad, that slider is greyed, meaning I can't disable it, while connected to WiFi via Cellular.

I'm new to this forum so I don't know how links work here, but here's a screenshot...

YouTube Restrictions

Sounds like your DNS server is forcing you to "kids" mode.

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Thanks @maholio and @admon for commenting and helping out. I will start exploring how to install applications.

Side note, I was thinking of returning it because of initial SIM CARD issues, but once I figured it out, I'm definitely keeping it. Seems like a potentially great way to start learning about Networking / Routers.

Thanks again.

@KINTEKLA you are welcome. I really like answering on this forum, so if something - feel free to ask.

P.S: SIM may have problems with restrictive provider.

You can use my script or just fix it manually

In most cases it is because ISP blocks modems.