Mudi + Verizon SIM (USA)?

Does GLiNet offer a modem for the Mudi that is compatible with Verizon’s LTE network? If so, can you specify which one one of the options I should select (maximum speed/signal)?

The current modem Mudi comes with can work with Verizon.

But please note:

  • You must use an activated Verizon SIM card to work in Mudi. You cannot use Mudi to activate a Verizon SIM card.
  • Verizon seems to throttle your plan if you do not use in your phone. It really depends on your plan.

I have used Verizon 2 times before. The first time the SIM just works great on our product and can achieve 50+Mbps. The 2nd time whatever I do I can only achieve 0.5Mbps on our device. As I bought the SIM card for travel and the seller does say that the SIM cannot be used for tethering.

I can confirm to anyone wondering a standard prepaid sim from verizon works fine in the mudi

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