MUDI Wifi loses channel

Everytime my MUDI gets turned off/back on it loses the wifi channel for the 5ghz bandwidth. This prevents either 2.4ghz and the 5ghz band.

I am running latest firmware, any ideas why it keeps blanking out?


Are you using the latest push version 3.211? Or is it the latest 3.215 available on our download site?

Do you mean that the wifi is turned off in the settings or the signal is just disappeared while the settings is one?

@yuxin.zou The latest push version, 3.211.

@alzhao The wifi shows it is turned on, but the signal disappears on all devices for both bands until the channel is set again on the 5ghz channel. When I open settings the channel is blank.


It looks like the channel is change to some DFS channel or wrong and wifi cannot be broadcasted.
Does this happen all the time?
Can you reset the firmware and configure again?

It pretty reliably clears out on boot, I can reset the firmware and configure again. I will give that a try.

Wow, didn’t realize how much time had passed.

I reset the firmware and it’s still having the same issue, after a power off, power on it loses the channel, or possibly is moving to a non US channel.

I have tried the latest firmware 3.216

Any help please.

Are you using repeater? Otherwise it is hard to belive the channel will change.

Kind of, it’s in router mode, but when the device gets turned on at home, it see’s my home wifi and repeats that to use less mobile data.

A theory, I can take some time this evening to confirm, is that when I turn the device off after its been connected to my home wifi repeating that (still in router mode), then turn it back on, away from that wifi and it uses the 4g, that is when it clears out the channel?

Still not sure why it would change the channel, I could see if it was in pure repeater mode, as it would match the channel of the other network, but I can test that theory.