Mudi: WireGuard ipv6

Hey there,

just wanted to point out, that ssh’ing into the mudi to correctly configure ipv6 WireGurad isn’t the most comfortable thing in this world.
Also plain ipv6 only WireGurad client configs aren’t accepted by the web ui.

I would assume, that you are checking the input config for ipv4 adresses only, and therefore all ipv6 related stuff breaks.

Do some GL.iNet Developers read here ? Or do I have to contact them directly via somer other channel ?

To end positively: I don’t want to miss this little swiss army knife anymore :wink:

Kind regards

If i remember correctly IPV6 is in the works, but for now only IPV4 is supported in the GL UI. For more advanced setups you need to either use the Luci wireguard config (install the luci-app-wireguard package), or as you already did, manually using SSH.

I am not 100% sure what happens if you mix GL config of wireguard with the luci config. You might need to only use luci and also manually set up routing :confused:

IPv6 is disabled because it causes data leaks.

We are adding ipv6 and need to take care all the vpn, vpn policy, firewall etc. so it takes time.

Then I’d like to point out, that you should include one of those stickers in future shipments:
The initial RFC 2460 is almost as old as me :smiley:
On the other more constructive side: Please also consider, that there already IPv6 enabled mobile carriers. I would really appreaciate if the Mudi would also work for providing an IPv6 only service (e.g. VPN Server) on the go.

You can refer to my post. You can use ipv6, it is just not included in the “simple” ui. The product does support ipv6.

How about you guys make the policy routing smarter too and make us decide routes based on source device too. I know you said if you do if via MAC address + IPs at the same time it makes it a mess but why not use IP address (local) instead of MAC? Asus routers do it fine and it works great. Please consider it.

How do you ssh into it to configure ipv6 for wireguard? I can’t get ipv6 via wireguard. Any tutorials?