Mullvad VPN on Mango router

Hi, I’m trying to configure the Mullvad Wireguard VPN on my Mango (GL-MT300N-V2) router. After I enter the account number and network name, it spins for about a minute and then reports a fail.
My firmware version is 3.212

Are you in a region that has Internet censorship?

How would I know that?
Are there any logs that are written during that process I can see to troubleshoot it myself?

Actually there is a list Internet censorship and surveillance by country - Wikipedia
Internet Censorship 2022: A Global Map of Internet Restrictions - Comparitech

These countries you may have troubles with vpn (except for some countires that obvious you cannot access the Internet freely at all)

  • Egypt
  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Ethiopia
  • Turkey

Pls do this:

Go to your mullvad account and export some config manually.
Except for Wireguard, Mullvad support openvpn.

Manually set up openvpn on the router and test it first.

If openvpn connect, try again set up wireguard. It may work after you connect openvpn.