Multiple gl-b1300

Can gl-b1300s be setup in non-mesh mode as independent APs, without conflict? I’ve been messing with these devices for a year now and can never get mesh to work reliably. The most recent time I tried paring for mesh, the main and two subrouters only showed the 2.4 radio not the 5.0 radio and the main would not pair the fourth subrouter at all.

So, without using mesh, what’s the best way of setting up gl-b1300 for good throughput and no conflicts?

Yes you can go to admin panel->more settings->network mode and set up as

AP: Wired bridge,
Extender: Wifi bridge

I’m running firmware version 3.215 and I’m not seeing “network” mode under more settings.Do I have to factory reset, or remove my current mesh mode, to see that entry on the More Settings menu?

You’ll need to reset them to get them out of mesh mode first.

So the first GL is configured as an AP and all the subsequent ones I should select Wired bridge, right? they are all connected to my switch through their LAN ports or is the first AP connected by the WAN port?

If you have a cable that can connect to the main router, set up as AP mode.

If you don’t have cable and have to connect with WiFi, set up extender (to other brand) or WDS ( to another B1300).

Sorry to be so difficult but these instructions are not working.
If I go go to admin panel->more settings->network mode and select
AP, I get a message saying “after bridging is successful the router will automatically obtain an IP from the router.” When I dismiss the dialog the GL restarts but doesn’t show up anywhere on my network.

If I go to the “Internet” page, first, and assign the GL a static ip address, it again shows the bridging message and reboots and disappears. The IP address I assigned the GL cannot be accessed. I have access to a home run cable to my switch, which is connected to my router and which I have alterenately tested with the GLs LAN and WAN ports.

After the sub-router restarts, can you log into the main router and look for the client sub-router with an IP address assigned by the the main router DHCP server (e.g., 192.168.8.x)?

Are you assigning a static IP address to the sub-router on the same subnet as the main router (e.g., main router -, sub-router -

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I am trying to setup a GL subrouter, which would be connected through a switch to the router for my LAN. So what I’ve done is: Initially, gone to internet page, give the GL a fixed IP and put on same subnet as LAN router (there is an additional option at the bottom of the Internet configuration page asking something like "do you want to use the WAN port as LAN, do I need to change that?)
Anyway, after the Internet dialog is closed, I go to network mode and select AP and after selecting that the GL restarts.

But when the GL restarts it is not accessible through either the WAN or LAN ports. The only other thing I can think of I is do I also need to open http at port 80 to make it accessible at the assigned AP address? It shouldn’t make a difference. Even if it’s not accessible my network scanner should still show a MAC and IP address belonging to the GL subrouter.

When you change to Access Point network mode, there should be a message like:

If so, you may not be able to assign the GL-B1300 sub-router with a static IP address that is accessible after the router reboots. The router will automatically get a DHCP IP address from the main router, so log into the main router and look for the client sub-router’s MAC address and its current assigned IP address. You should connect the sub-router WAN port to the main router (I think WAN and LAN ports are bridged, but not sure).