Multiple router chassis, container, case

I tend to work with my routers all over the desk but for longer term projects, I’d like some way to organize 4, 8, 20 cost effectively. Meaning, I’m not willing to spend a great deal of money on something just to organize :).

Looking online, I’ve seen a lot of custom rigs but nothing I can just buy off the shelf to hold the routers. What method do you use and can you share some images?

Do you want to build a mesh network?
We have S1300 and B1300

No, just need to organize the many routers sitting on my desk. Sometimes as many as ten. I use a letter holder to hold them all but that is not very efficient.

You may show a photo of you desktop with the many routers so that others can help.


How are the 10 routers configured?

Are they all connected to each other?

Are they running any wired clients ?

How are they powered, AC, Powerbanks?

Need a bit of a better idea of how they’re laid out before can get to neatening them up :slight_smile:

I’ll take a punt and if I had multiple routers then I’d probably be getting something similar to this (in a mini version), some sticky velcro dots and run power out the back :slight_smile: Sure you could add some neat “structured” cabling as well if you’re using wired…

All powered using a multi-outlet USB power supply, some powered via poe, all wired.

Not much to show really. Right now, I have only three devices running. Sometimes, I can have up to 10 or more running on my desk and it can be a mess since some remain running for days, weeks.

I’m not looking for anything custom made or all that specific, just asking what others use to hold their little devices up when they are working with them.

I think what I’m looking for is called a SoC rig or something but most of those don’t have the cases, just the boards.

Alfie posted a photo of the setup here:

Basically a table and them running.

That doesn’t help me :). This looks like an office, I just need something for my desk and for many less routers.

Keep in mind - 20 WiFi AP’s in very close quarters - WiFi SuperNova of a hotspot where no client can attach.

If doing wired work, disable the wifi, then one could rack up quite a few…

Yes, WiFi is disabled but I am looking for some kind of ‘rig’ that could hold a bunch of these little routers so they aren’t all over my desk.
I don’t think there is an answer to be found here, maybe on some hacking/SOC sites.

woodshop - ar150’s emit so little heat, one can stand them on edge… worse case, pop them out of the plastics and run the boards only…

One still has the LAN cables and power to consider

Here is a suggestion:

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Exactly something like this, just something to hold a bunch of the routers. I’d prefer them in the case since they eventually get used so don’t want them all beat up but I’d look at taking the boards out too.