Multiple SSIDs-to-VLANs


I am looking for a wireless access point for my home network with 2 radios (2.4 and 5), to be connected to my main router with Gigabit wire. Wi-Fi 6 is not required, but could be an option.

Which of GL.iNet routers are most suitable for this purpose?

Which of them can support multiple SSIDs on one radio (e.g. for IoT, TV, guests, etc)?

Which of them can map these SSIDs into separate VLANs, to be passed to the main router?


Any of them should technically provide the platform to do it but be aware Multiple SSIDs, multiple VLANs aren’t supported ‘out of the box.’ You’d have to get into OpenWrt’s LuCI admin interface to set it up (install it via GL GUI → System → Advanced Settings).

The underlying OS, OpenWrt 21.0x, currently uses IPTables so passing firewall chains as you describe are able to be done but you’d have to spend some time testing, tweaking, inquiring on the OpenWrt Forum.