Multiple SSIDs/VLANs and mesh on B2200


New to Openwrt (running on pcwrt now) and very little experience tinkering with it so bear with me if this is a newbie Q. Have been searching the forums but have not been able to find a direct answer.

I’m interested in the Velica but was hoping someone could chime in on setting up multiple SSIDs/Vlans as well as using them in a mesh network. My understanding is aside from 1 Guest network you have to use LuCi or command to setup multiple SSIDs/VLANS. Assuming this is not that hard to do but a few Q’s on it:

-Will mesh network work with all the multiple SSIDs?
-Do network isolation settings work?
-Are you able to use GLs UI and features with the different SSIDs? For example, have VPN or Adblock setup for only one of the SSIDs or assign a specific VLAN to the ethernet port.
-Does VLAN port tagging work with this scenerio to setup APs with multiple SSIDs?

I know most if not all of these are possible on OpenWRT but if I can even figure out how to setup them up through luci will they break GLs UI settings and features?

Thanks for taking the time.

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I just suggest that you keep the default setting as it.

You will easily break mesh when you tinker the SSID and vlans.

Thanks for the response. Any other suggestions then? VLANs are a required ticket feature for me to move forward?

Or any plans for GL to implement VLANs in their UI in the future as its a desired function for privacy and security?

Yes, do have this plan but cannot promise anything now.

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