Multiple VPN Client


I have Slate Plus.

I want to connect two different openvpn servers as a client and I want to use two diffrent connection wifi or ethernet ports?

Is it possible with gli? If not, how can I do it by using openwrt?

Using “Customize Routing Rules” mode, you can enable wireguard and OpenVPN client at the same time. But they’re going through the same gateway(ethernet/wifi).

So not possible yet.

Hi, how I can achieve that? (ovpn+wg tunnel?)
what i have to add in custom rules?

The default route is by wireguard, and certain Intranet( is by OpenVPN client.

Dual VPN client:

Openvpn route rule:

Wireguard route rule:

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Can you please detailed your solutions.
Because I’m checking to do the same with my GL-AX1800 but doesn’t work with both activated in the same time like per image attached

Thank you

Turning to “Customize Routing Rules” mode is necessary.


i used this with “Customize Routing Rules” and it worked perfectly on my AXT1800.

Openvpn Client together with an Wireguard VPN.

Had 3 routes for the Wireguard connection: 0 Metric 1000 Metric

128.0.0/1 1000 Metric

1 Route for OpenVPN: 0 Metric

It worked without a Problem, but after updating to 4.5 the webinterface stops responding and there is no connection possible.

The problem relays on the routes and

If I use the global proxy the route is in Table “8000”,

In “Customize Routing Rules” Mode the routes are in the main table.

Maybe there is the problem?

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My target address is formatted with words as its a vpn provider so its ''east-london**************.com

and the UI Is rejecting it but it is the conected server?

Also I am a Flint 2 owner

Not sure what kind of GUI we see here, but the target can only be an IP address.

how to choose devices on each vpn?

one i have goes to offsite backup location

and i want one open vpn for streaming separate


open vpn

device 1 - VPN
device 2 - vpn
device 3 - no vpn

wireguard - offsite backup server on always

this is what I wish to happen :slight_smile: