Multiple VPN Clients - one for each connected device

How can I set up multiple VPN client connections, so that I can assign one VPN for each connected LAN device?

Can I do this with OpenWRT or LUCI GUI?

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The could be possible but too complicated.

In our firmware 4.x we are allowing openvpn and wireguard connection at the same time and set up complete route.

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Look into tailscale its awesome


Thank you, how can I do this over the Luci interface? I really need this to work somehow

You need to install luci, luci-app-openvpn, luci-app-wireguard then you will have Luci interface.

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I have done that and setup multiple OpenVPNs, created unmanaged interfaces for each one and added them all to the red firewall zone: wan.

What exactly do I have to do now?

I also installed mwan3 and VPN policy based routing.

What I want to achieve:

Each LAN device should have it’s own VPN assigned.

If a device is not connected to a VPN it should not have an internet connection.

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hello , iam a newbie, so if i can have screenshot , i will apprecied

It’s quite the same as ZeroTier, no?

i find that zerotier is better then tailscale now

Do you have any insights about zerotier and tailscale?

Zerotier is awesome i can do wake on lan won’t work on tail. Its just so much easier to setup and its more dependable i have it on all of my devices i even use the rdp protocol works great and i can even close all ports on my nas and still have access and even bypass CGNAT. On blocked or closed ports.

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tailscale website is much easier to use, especially when it comes to create traffic rules.

but both tailscale and zerotier are great, stable, free and open source.

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