Multiple Wireguard Clients Connections?

With my recent success turning up my Wireguard Server (SFT1200/Opal) at home in the US and my Wireguard Client (AX1800) in Thailand, I’ve come in contact with quite a few people from the US who want to achieve the same opportunity to appear that they are working from the US. Is it possible for them to purchase a similar AX1800 and use my internet connection in the US? Would it require me to obtain more SFT1200s to support each client? Should I enhance my internet connection for more optimum speeds?

Would work. But those people should know that IP isn’t the only thing to care about. There are plenty of ways to detect the location of a device. And if it’s an device owned by the company … there are plenty + 1

I did indeed make them aware of customer owned devices and that this is not a full proof thing.

Sorry, I meant company owned devices!

How many connections will you require to support?

3 at the moment. What type of limitations are we looking at?

The limit is the upstream of your US connection.

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