Multiple WireGuard Failures via GL-MT1300

I have a GL-MT1300 and working remotely, with about 6 devices connecting through to the internet.
3 of my devices need to connect to Wireguard servers, 2 to the same location and the other to a different location, so they each run WireGuard locally on the device.

All works fine for the first while, but my iPad Pro 12 every now and then randomly stops passing the WireGuard traffic. I can see the iPad is connected to the remote server, but nothing. If I reconnect to another wifi, it works fine. If I reboot my MT1300 it works fine for a while.

Nothing I do seems to solve the problem directly.

Anyone with any ideas ?,

You mean the Wireguard is installed on the devices, not router, right?

How does MT1300 connect to the Internet?

Yes, Wireguard is installed on each device, nothing is installed on the MT1300

The MT1300 is connected to a hotel wifi at the moment which is fully open and does not need a login.

If I connect a device to the hotel wifi directly, they work fine.

As not all my traffic goes over the VPN, I want to use the MT1300 as my firewall for my devices.

I don’t see a specific reason. Mayme MT1300 just droped from the repeater network?

I dont see any reason why it does what it does, any number of connections without wireguard work fine, but after a random amount of time the iPad’s wireguard traffic stops passing through the MT1300 while the other to work fine.

The only way I can re-establish the connection to the server and pass traffic is to reboot the MT1300

So to add more to this, I have found its not specific to the iPad, it seems to be the 3rd WireGuard connection onwards.

Overnight I shutdown my laptop, but two iPads were left connected to their WireGuard servers, this morning, I could not establish a connect with my laptop, but the two iPads are working fine.

Again a reboot of the MT1300 and all three devices allow the WireGuard connections OK