Multiwan guidance for AR300M

I have 2 internet package at the moment, from cable and 4G modem. I tried to combine both with AR300M but it seems that only internet from cable that being used. From what I found, current firmware is using mwan3 package without web UI so I installed luci-app-mwan3. But before digging deep into this complex configuration (for me), I have questions below:

  • Is it possible to use both connections to gain more speed in total?

  • If my router joined a VPN using wireguard, which connection is actually connected to the VPN?

Now if you have multiple connections, it does failover. So it will use cable only if cable is connected.

If you want to do load balancing, you may need to configure mwan3. But you need to try this by yourself.

The vpn will use the connection said above. If you use load balancing, I am not sure how it works. You may broke the config.

With mwan3 outgoing network traffic load-balancing is performed on a per-IP connection basis.
As such load-balancing will help speed multiple separate downloads or traffic generated from a group of source PCs all accessing different sites but it will not speed up a single download from one PC.
In case of a VPN it will pick one of the wan connections and use that. You could probably also configure which wan to use with mwan3.

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Thanks a lot guys for the explanations. Well, it is not simple as I thought but make sense.