MV-1000 & Netgear Orbi

I’ve had some challenges finding the right setup for my home network (probably because I have limited understanding about network architecture/configurations).

Current architecture:

  • I have a tv, media box etc. connected via LAN to the MV-1000 (
  • the MV-1000 is connected by cable to a Netgear Orbi Satellite ( which is then talking to the Netgear Orbi Router (
  • this router is connected to the internet

Current situation:

  • The MV-1000 is running on firmware 3.215
  • I can connect it as an OpenVPN client to NordVPN
  • but I can’t reach the devices behind the MV-1000 from my local LAN (e.g. share / stream videos to the TV from my NAS).

What I want to achieve:

  • connect to the devices behind the MV-1000 from my local network while having them connect to the internet through the OpenVPN client (ideally in parallel, if that’s not possible I thought about switching VPN off temporarily or switch cable from WAN to LAN)

I tried some of the recommendations I found on the forum but couldn’t get it to work. I tried using the WAN / LAN ports separate or in parallel, tried multiple IP ranges or opened the firewall / port forwarding. So far without success yet… but I probably created a mess in the config by now :see_no_evil:

If someone could help me understand how this could be setup, I’ll reset everything and start with a fresh config.

Many thanks in advance for all ideas / recommendations!

What file sharing / streaming protocol (e.g., SMB, DLNA) are you using on your NAS?

Different protocols require different ports to be open through the firewall on the GL-MV1000. Router port forwarding only works for 1 specific LAN IP address, so you should open ports for all LAN devices via Admin Panel → Firewall → Open Ports on Router.

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If I understand correctly, the IP of your NAS should be 192.168.1.x. You now need a device on the MV1000 LAN (assuming 192.168.8.x) to be able to access 192.168.1.x.
If you disable the OpenVPN client, can 192.168.8.x access 192.168.1.x? If so, I think that this is caused by the VPN client blocking LAN → WAN access. Please allow LAN->WAN forwarding in the firewall.